Downloadable Walks

You really should get out there and enjoy your time here. What better way than to go for a walk with the family. Whether you are trying to get fit, try something inexpensive to do with the children or burn some of your dogs energy off, a walk is the answer. Everyone these days can afford to get more exercise. Walking is a great way to do it and it takes little skill, little investment and little energy. To make it interesting sometimes it’s great to follow a path and do some sightseeing as well. Devils Dyke is a challenge but you can always reward yourself with a pint at a pub at either end. You can take the dogs out and let them run wild where they are allow to, or pack a picnic and take the family out. There are a lot of different places and you don’t need to drive a long distance to take a walk.

Jane and I have done a few walks in the local area such as Mildenhall, the Three churches in Moulton and Devils Dyke. I have written separate blogs for them so keep an eye out for our experiences. We tend to do these to take the dogs out and train for marathon walks but they all are different lengths.

Want to plan your own walks? Check out these websites to see a different view of England.
    Get out and see this country, why stay inside watching TV?

    All the Best!

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