Don't Talk About The Falkland War

I know, you are thinking what is The Falkland War? This came up a couple of times when I was deployed to RAF Fairford with a few RAF guys.

The Falklands are island s off of the coast of Argentina. The ownership of the islands have been disputed for quite some time.

The Falkland War was fought in 1982 when Argentina invaded the islands. It lasted 74 days and the British lost 257 men. The UK says that Argentina invaded the island and the Argentinians say they were reclaiming their land.

In the end, the British kept the islands but it doesn't look like Argentina is going to give up anytime soon. So you might hear about this on the news if Argentina is involved. The recent story of oil being discovered offshore of the Falkland Islands caused suspicion that there would be some sort of conflict. In 2013, The Argentinians recently put pressure on the UK government to hand the Falklands "back". David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, said that the people who live there should be asked their opinion. There was a vote put to the people and 2/3 of voters wanted to stay British.

So you are thinking, so why shouldn't I talk about this, it has nothing to do with the US?!?!

Exactly, this was a war that the UK fought without any allied support. The British are there when we start wars all over the world (Iraq and Afghanistan just to name a few). We supplied military support in supplies to the British but weren't on the ground with them like they have been with us. I can understand why we didn't do this, politics. I hope that if it was anywhere else in the world except South America, we would have been there too! I think we were trying to upset the least amount of people possible but do remember when the last time Argentina fought next to us, precisely my point.

To learn more about the Falkland War, click here.

This is a subject I would avoid if I were you.

All the Best!

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