Gas (Petrol)

You will be happy to know that here while you are stationed here; you will be able to buy gas on base which will save a lot of money rather than buying it on the economy. If you don’t know, in places like Italy you have to buy gas booklets to use at the local gas stations.

Gas around the world is not as cheap as Americans get it and this you will see is reflected in the cars that they drive. You may still see some SUVs but they are more fuel efficient and have smaller engines. So another thing to be thankful for being an American. Generally at the moment it costs $10 a gallon to buy gas in the UK. Therefore many families have only one or no car. We only have one car and I cycle to work which helps me save money and the earth!

Check out today’s prices here.

According to the Status of Forces Agreement, you are only allowed to purchase gas here if you are not stationed here or if you are TDY. This is not an AAFES policy.

All the Best!

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