Great St Mary's Church

I am always suggesting that people go up Great St Mary's (or officially St Mary the Great) tower. It is the best view in Cambridge and on a nice clear day, it is said that you can see all the way to Peterborough!

This has been a place for worship since 1010 but the current structure you see dates back to 1351.

It is the University and Main City church and is located across the street from King's College. The fee to go up the 123 steps is very low £3.80 for an adult, but the view is fabulous!

St Mary's has the only ring of 12 bells in the country which is very unique and you can hear them ringing on Monday and Wednesday evenings around 7 p.m. The Westminster chime at Big Ben was based on the sequence developed here.

I went to a carol service here and really enjoyed it.

This is a hidden gem and not many people know about this, but if you have visitors it is a must!

All the Best!

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