Lavenham is a medieval village which found fortune in the wool trade and most of the buildings are from the 15th century. In fact, it paid more taxes at its height than York and Lincoln did.

The Church of St. Peter and St Paul is beautiful inside and dominates the skyline, but it shows how wealthy this village was. It was completed just before the Reformation.

It is a very picturesque village as it is full of half-timber and thatched roof houses. It feels like you have gone back in time. The crooked house you see in the picture comes from the well known rhyme “there was a crooked man, who lived in a crooked house”.

It is a lovely drive down and a lovely place to go away to for the day or the weekend. I love just to go down there, have lunch at the former coach inn, The Swan, browse the little shops and walk around.

It also has USAF ties as well. If you go in the swan you will see signature of American pilots in the bar area who were stationed at nearby. The 487th Bomb Group who flew B-24 Liberators over Germany from RAF Lavenham. Here is a great story of one of those pilots returning in 2013.

There is also the Guildhall of Corps Christi, which is a National Trust property. It serves as the town museum but has previously been a prison, workhouse and wool store.

This is a great last minute trip but booking ahead is advised at the Swan.

All the Best!

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