Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be expensive especially when the system doesn't work the same as in the States. Here are some tips to help you keep your costs down:
  1. If you are not going to be using your phone a lot, get a pay as you go phone. Also no contract so great for the military- no such thing as military clause.
  2. Have a basic phone (or just not the top of the line) or pay for your phone. That then gives you the ability to have a SIM-only contract.
  3. Go for a longer contract.
  4. Only get the amount of minutes and texts you need.
  5. Have a cap on your contract.
  6. Turn off the data, use the WiFi that is around you.
  7. If the members of your family are going to have phones, get a bundle.
  8. If you bring your own phone over, you can get them unlocked in Mildenhall.
  9. Wait to get your house to see which provider will be best for you.
 Here are some tips from the Money Saving Expert.

Good luck!

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