Traveling in the UK and Europe

This is a great time to take advantage of England as you are so close to Europe and there is so much to see!

Here are tips on seeing the best of England and Europe and make it easier for yourself and sometimes cheaper.
  • Get a travel card from the British Post Office kind of works like travel cheques, is convenient, secure and accepted all over. If it is lost or stolen then its not tied to your personal account.
  • Travel via a cheap airline such as Ryan Air or Easy Jet to get great deals on flights and if you only bring carry-on luggage you will save even more!
  • Fill up your car at US bases. If traveling to Germany you might need gas coupons but within the UK there are 10 US bases that you should be able to get gas if you have the appropriate documentation.
  • Travel at night while in Europe and combine your accommodation and travel expenses by using the Eurorail.
  • If you are going to go all over Europe, get a Euro Rail pass that suits your travels and will save money.
  • Don’t travel when the kids are ‘on holiday’ if you can, this can make your trip more expensive as everyone else is also traveling.
  • If you have children over the age of 5 and under 20 you can get an Explore pass which will save 50% on your travel by train and bus in Suffolk.
  • Get rail passes. They can save you a lot traveling by train in the UK.
  • If you are driving in Europe, make sure you have these items.

All the Best!

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