Wells-Next-The-Sea & Blakeney

Did you know that there are seals that live in Britain? They live in Blakeney and Wells-Next-The-Sea. You can take boat trips out to see them. You can take boat trips out to see them. We went with Beans Boats and really enjoyed it. You can also bring your dogs!

My husband and I like to go away for the weekends sometimes and really enjoyed both of these coastal towns . They have a lot of character. The people are friendly and the pubs and restaurants are really good. This is also a great daytrip.

Trips out the coast became popular during the Victorian times and also after WWII. There are paths around the coasts or you could also go crabbing (here are some tips). Why not try a cockle or cooked clams, a British snack sold near most coastlines. They are very salty!

All the Best!

American to Britain