Devils Dyke

Devils Dyke  is a great walk 7.5 or 15 mile walk to do in the summer. There are several variations that you can do based on the distance where you want to go. Here is a good map  to see what I mean. Here is a short distance walk from the Guardian.

There are a few variations of the Devil's Dyke walk.
  • You can do a 5.5 mile walk. The walk starts at Reach and walk down to Swaffham and back.
  • You can do the 15 mile walk (Reach to Woodditton and back). This one goes through the Newmarket Racecourse.  
Devil’s Dyke goes from Reach through Newmarket Racecourse to Wooditton. Devils Dyke is very important as it is one of the best examples of Anglo-Saxons earthwork. It dates back to the late 6th or early 7th century.

You can start at either the lovely village Reach which has annual fair. they also have a great pub which would make an excellent reward for the completion of this walk.

Jane, Michele and I did in part for our training for the Great Barrow Walk 2010 and it was quite nice. It was really sunny and dry so I got a bit sunburned. It only took us about 2 ½ hours to walk from Reach to Wooditton and back. I really like the views from the top of the dyke of the local area and a different view of the racecourse. We didn’t bring our dogs with us but you could if you wanted to. There is plenty of space to run around but you will go over the A14 so be careful.

It is a great walk for a Saturday with varying gradients, I would recommend walking shoes (I think Michele would too) and a few snacks, but its worth it!

Here is a link for a podcast that will tell you about Devil's Dyke and the surrounding area.

All the Best!

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