Sometimes I hear from Americans that they are looking for shopping like in the States. The shopping centre in Peterborough is one that might make you feel at home as much as the one in Norwich does. It holds the high street brands but all in one place unlike the ones you will find in Cambridge which are a bit spread all over.

Peterborough is a city (cities in England are generally those that have a cathedral or have been granted the status by the Queen but it doesn’t give the city any other special privileges except to call themselves a city). It has human settlements that date back before the Bronze Age. The Romans also settled here and the Anglo-Saxons created the monastery.

It is an easy drive straight up the A14 to the A1 to Peterborough. There are plenty of parking places in the city near the shopping centres. The Cathedral is close to the town centre so you don't have far to have a stroll on the high street or the market cross.

I went to Peterborough for the day as I was told that the Cathedral is one of the finest in England and I would agree. You can see the tombs of Katherine of Aragon (Henry VIII’s first wife) and Mary, Queen of the Scots. Also it has the largest Mediaeval painted wooden ceiling. It is a very impressive building if you are anything like me, you will appreciate the architecture.  It is located right near the market cross in the city centre. I just sat and listened to the service that was going on and can see why people are so moved by buildings such as this.

It is a great day out, pack a lunch, do some shopping and see an amazing cathedral!

All the Best!

American to Britain