The Eagle Pub

Every American visiting Cambridge should stop by the infamous Eagle pub

The pub dates back to the 14th century is one of the oldest inns in Cambridge.

In the RAF bar, you can see the signatures of RAF and American pilots from WWII which were burnt in by cigarette lighters.

It is also the place where DNA idea was discussed by Watson and Crick and announced (aren't all the best ideas discussed over drinks?)!

It is also rumoured that there is a ghost of a girl who died in a fire there. They keep a window open on the second floor for her and you will see it always open.

I ate here with my parents when they were here. The portions are huge (there are no children meals) and you will be amongst other tourists (this is where most of their business comes from). I think it is an expensive place to eat so I suggest taking a look at the signatures and then heading to the Bath House.

All the Best!

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