Getting Married Here To A Local

If you are lucky enough like me to have met someone over here that you want to spend the rest of your life with, congrats!

This information is for reference only but I thought I would help you out as the process was a long one.

First thing I can say, if you are getting married over here, you have to get CC permission. If you got back on leave and get married in the States, you do not need permission from your CC but they will need a visa allowing you to get married in the States.

The AFI concerning marriages in the Overseas Command is 36-2609. I think that it is funny because in the first few paragraphs it states that it is not meant to prevent marriage. It is just to ensure that your spouse will be able to join you on your other assignments. Just a forewarning, you will get frustrated with the whole process and will have to keep on top of your marriage and command sponsorship paperwork. Just follow the AFI and you should be okay.

In order to get married, you must go to your local register office unless you are getting married in a Church of England religious ceremony. For most people at the bases this is Bury St Edmunds. You will need to register to get married at least 15 days before the day you want to be married and can be done one year in advance. Here is a great website that will tell you what information you need to have when you go to register (passport, divorce papers, orders, etc). If you are having a church wedding off base, contact your local vicar. In England you can only get married in a church if you are a member of that particular parish. I have heard of people having weddings onbase but you still need to contact the registrar office.

After you get married, you might want to get your spouse command sponsored. Your tour might be extended (mine was for a year). Check out AFI 36-2110 Attachment 20 for details but you have to fill out AF Form 1466 which has to go through the hospital, dental and a few other agencies. It is to assess that your spouse has the support they need on base.

I know this hasn't gone in depth but if you have any questions, email me and I will try to help.

All the Best!

American to Britain