Park and Rides

Park and Rides are a great way to visit city centres, stay out of the traffic and save money. It is cost effective if you are alone or have a just one passenger, otherwise it is better off per person to park in a parking lot.

The park and rides can be useful to skip the traffic in some cities like Cambridge. The buses are allowed to go in areas where cars can’t and that minimises the traffic you have to sit in. Also they pick up and drop off throughout the city which is handy since Cambridge’s shopping centres are not very close together. It isn't something I would normally think of using (so I thought other Americans would be the same) because I thought I wouldn't know how to but I found they are easy to use too. You just have to remember the name of the park and ride that you parked in and look for the bus carrying that name.

How you use them is you park at the parking lot, buy your ticket and then hop on the bus. Then you ride the bus back and drive home.

The one in Cambridge now requires paying for parking so be aware of that.

All the Best!

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