The Olde Bull Inn

All the years that I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall, I had driven by The Olde Bull Inn but had never stopped for a meal.

Jane and I were looking for a venue for our Christmas party that was in a good location for our clients and also fit into my blog so we decided that The Olde Bull Inn near the five ways roundabout was quite local and the reputation of the food was high so it was an easy choice.

When Jon and I arrived, I was really impressed by the decor. It still had its old pub feel which I love but they have make it look modern at the same time.

We had a huge party so I had been in contact with the manager for our table. They put together some tables in a room on our own. The food was as good as I had heard and everyone really enjoyed themselves. A few of our guests said that this was their favourite pub.

All the Best!

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