The running joke is cricket is a game that no one really knows how to play.

Cricket can be traced and proved to have existed back in 1598.

Cricket is a game that is played with a bat and ball and eleven players on each team. Each team takes turns trying to score runs while the other team trys to dismiss (get the other team out).

The field is grassy like a baseball field but shaped in an oval shape and 150-160 yards in circumference. The pitch is 22 yards long with wickets at each end. Wickets are 3 stumps (sticks) in a straight line and two bails (smaller sticks) on top.

The batter hits the ball and runs back. The runner can stop at the wickets and wait until the next batter.The pitcher tries to not knock to wickets off the bails.

Some of the games can last for a few innings but in some of the highest levels of cricket, a game can last for 5 days!

There is a lot more to this game so I just gave you the very basics. Please go here for more information.

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