Watching the English by Kate Fox

The first English wedding I went to, in 2007,  I was speaking to one of the guests about the differences between the Americans and the English. She mentioned that I would probably like the book 'Watching the English' written by Kate Fox. This book has popped up in conversation over the past few years, so when I saw it in the airport on our way back from Thailand, I knew I had to get it.

I loved it and wished that I read it when it was first mentioned to me. It would have saved me a lot of grief because I would have known what to expect from the beginning such as how the English are like the queues, how they are not necessarily not friendly but why, and the class system! Also I think I would have been better prepared in dealing with the English because I would have known 'the rules'.  I laughed pretty much all the way through (it was a long read though!), I am not sure that my husband enjoyed me pointing out the things I found funny.

Also it confirmed a lot of the things I write about on here so I know I am not completely crazy! If you want to understand the English a bit better, I think that this is where you should start and I think this is a must for any American marrying an English person.

All the Best!

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