Elizabethan and Jacobean House Style 1560-1660

  • Brick and mortar became more prevalent down the social scale and farm houses being built with brick in an 'E' or 'H'.
  • Houses became more symmetrical and faced outwards and not on to the courtyard displaying the owners wealth with a large number of windows.
  • Columns an pediments were used but as decoration and did not consider proportion.
  • Chimneys were becoming standard.
  • Beams were more decorated.
  • Windows had more decorated patterns but the diamond-shaped leaded windows were quite popular.
  • Most houses for the lesser off were still made out of wood.
  • Great halls were replaced with individual rooms.
  • Stairs rose to prominence as now the upstairs rooms were important.
  • Plaster ceilings are seen in finer houses but otherwise the beams were exposed in others.

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