Grafton Centre

The Grafton Centre is the other shopping 'mall' in Cambridge. It has a parking lot and and is located right off of Newmarket Road, which makes it easy to find. This parking lot is cheaper than the one at the Grand Arcade. It has a lot of well known British shops such as Next, New Look, Clarks and Dorothy Perkins. There are also restaurants such as Bella Italia and the Vue cinema.

Outside there is a strip of shops such as The Works (discount bookshop), Dunkin Donuts, and the infamous Primark.

I love the charity shops here because I have found really interesting things here that I get compliments on all the time, a dress and fish shaped wine rack.

It is only a brisk five minute walk to the Grand Arcade and the walk is quite nice as it is through Christ's Pieces.

All the Best!

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