I Know That It Is Expensive to Live Here But You Mustn't Complain

I like to think that I can be frank with you guys so I will be. Yesterday an airman was trying to get away with not paying for their TV license in a FB group which is monitored by the bases. This makes me very angry as an American that lives in the local community. I pay these things out of my own money and this has become my country. Sure it doesn't makes sense to someone coming from the United States but it is the law to have one here if you are streaming any live content on any device including mobile phones. There aren't any loopholes- either you need it or you don't.  At the end of the day £145 is A LOT cheaper than the possible £1,000 fine.

You may not feel like it but you are guests here. Therefore it is the right and courteous to do the right thing. Also it is part of your core values- integrity first is the one I am referring to.

So I know you feel like it is expensive here for you but there are many expenses that you either don't have or are given money towards. Here is a run down of what you could expect if you lived like I do on the economy without any reimbursements. You can see your allowances here.

  • £900 rent per month (this is paid for you and many get well above this)
  • £1,491 council tax per year based on the value of the house that you are living in I have moved in the past year saving myself £300 per year (you are exempt from it- pays for libraries, rubbish collection and much more)
  • £200 electricity and gas and £30 water per month (you are given £398.25 single/£531 with dependants per month for your utilities)
  • £145.95 T.V. License, £175 road tax per year (included in your cola which varies based on how long you have been in but a SSgt in for 6 years with 2 children gets £179.91 per month CAO 09/01/2015)
  • The visas that other Americans that are here that have to pay out of pocket for. The last one cost me £999

So based on my calculations that is £15,371.95 (excluding the visa) that you do not have to come up with.

There are other things that you cannot quantify.

  • The money you save travelling to Europe because you are just that much closer.
  • The experience that you get living overseas, the ideas and way of life you are exposed to.
  • The healthy food sold in the grocery stores- saves you money because you no longer have to buy organic.
  • You get to buy gas onbase at a huge discount.
  • You also get money towards your food from the US government.
  • You are able to use the free childcare offbase for children for 3 and 4 years olds. 
  • Too many more to list!
So to say that it upsets me when I see people trying to get around the system is an understatement.We expect people coming to our country to play by the rules and pay what they are supposed to and I expect you to do the same.

 You have so much and at times it may not feel like it but many of these costs above like the Road Tax and TV License can be paid monthly if you cannot afford to pay the full bill. If you have not come to the UK yet. 

Sorry for the rant!

 All the Best!

American to Britain