The British generally take very good care of their pets. They will walk their dogs several times a day and don’t think that letting the dog out in the yard is enough exercise. I have heard that people say that they treat their pets better than their children.

English landlords have a different attitude towards pets than in the States. Generally, pets are not welcome in rental homes, unless by prior agreement. This may entail either a double deposit at the start of the lease, or additional clauses added to the lease. Such as the carpets are professionally cleaned at the tenant’s expense when the property is vacated. This can be expensive.

Be honest from the outset what animals you plan to bring with you, or acquire while in England, because if you break the terms of the lease by bringing an animal onto the premises, you could lose your home.

It upsets me to see families that get a pet for the short time that they are here to pass it on to another family. It really gives Americans a bad name in the local area for not taking care of our pets. Here are two incidents that have shaped this view of Americans:

It can be expensive to bring your pet over here but if you plan ahead you can save yourself money. If you quarantine your pets before you bring them over rather than quarantine them here in the UK, it can save you a load of money. Check out here to find out more.

England is a very small country with lots of things to see and do. Most places dogs are not allowed, so you
then have the problem of what to do with them.

Unvaccinated animals are not allowed in kennels. To save you money and stress, consider leaving your pets at home with parents or other family members, and make the most of experiencing England.

Please just be a good owner!

All the Best!

American to Britain