Tudor House Style 1485-1560

  • Houses were generally one room deep to hold the weight of the roof
  • Little attention to outward display and style
  • Asymmetrical arrangements of buildings looking over the courtyard.
  • Most people had a shop on the lower level and lived above.
  • Many houses were not decorated as most of their money went to the church until the Reformation around 1520.
  • Houses were made of timber and mud.
  • Wealthy owners had decorative timbers set into the panels, and more timbers in the house were a way to show off their wealth.
  • Jetties (the little bit that over hangs over the lower floor) were another way to add space but also show off their wealth.
  • Houses made of brick used them to create patterns.
  • Decorative chimneys were fitted to show off that they had a a fireplace.
  • Wealthy houses were centred on the hall, and one wing would have the private rooms and the other would the kitchen and service rooms.

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