National Trust membership

You are so lucky to have an American address because you can get a National Trust Touring Pass for 7 or 14 days for only £21!

This is a great deal when you have visitors from the States come over. You will get free access to hundreds of National trust properties, a free guide to help you plan your trips and a free map!

Make sure you plan ahead to maximise the use of the card. There are some properties you will not get free access to with this card.

If you would like to see more for longer, you can get a year’s membership for £43.50 (£71.62 per couple).People always ask if it is worth it to get it and the honest answer only you can tell. If you make the most of it and plan your time off to see places during your membership then yes. If you never go anywhere, then no. I suggest buying this one year and the English Heritage the other.

Get out there!

All the Best!

American to Britain