I went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to run the annual Shakespeare Marathon. I was only able to run the half as the full was cancelled due to weather.

Jon and I stayed in the Heron Lodge the night before which is located within Stratford-Upon-Avon. The guest house was really nice and ran by a lovely couple.

Stratford-Upon-Avon is deceptively small, on the map it looked like it would take a while to walk from one place to another.

We wanted to go down the day before that so that we would be able to make the most of the trip as I was pretty sure that I would not be in the mood to go sightseeing after the 26.2 mile run. We used our Tesco Clubcard point to get vouchers for access to the Five Shakespeare Houses and Gardens. This gets you into Shakespeare's Birthplace, Hall's Croft, Anne Hathaway's House, Nash's House and Mary Arden's Farm.
Shakespeare Birthplace

Shakespeare's Birthplace is where Shakespeare was born and grew up. This place has a great display before you can go into the house. Then you go into the gardens and then into the house. You walk through and see the rooms where his father made leather gloves, where Shakespeare may have been born and a room that holds a window that people etched their autographs.

Harvard House
Walk down to the High Street and take a left. On the corner of the street There is shop, which Shakespeare's daughter lived, it is now a shop. If you continue walking there is a timber building on your right next to the Garrick Inn. This was the house of John Harvard who moved to the US and left his estate to the university that now bares his name.

You will walk by the Town Hall which still has graffiti dating back to the 18th century on it 'God Save The King'.

Next on your left is another one of the Shakespeare Houses, Nash House. They give you a talk about the history of this house and New Place (which is no longer standing). Nash House was the home of Shakespeare's granddaughter and her first husband. Shakespeare bought New Place next door and is where he died. They are currently digging up the site to see if they can find some more clues to his life.

Go back out to the High Street which will become Church Street and continue walking. On your left is Edward VI Grammar School where Shakespeare is thought to have attended.

Hall's Croft
If you are looking for a nice pub for lunch, your next stop could be the Windmill Inn. We ate here twice, once for lunch on the Saturday and after my half marathon. This is one of those character pubs I like.

Once you are finished with your meal carry onto the end of the street. Turn left on the Old Town and you will some to Hall's Croft. This was the house of Shakespeare's daughter, Susanna. Her husband was a doctor (the only one in Stratford-Upon-Avon at the time) so he was very wealthy. It is thought he may have been there when Shakespeare died.  Come back out and carry on down the road.

Holy Trinity Church
You will come to the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptised and buried. His family was buried here as well. There is also a window that was presented to the church by an American Ambassador in 1896. It is the very big on in the chapel on the right.

Anne Hathaway's House

I would suggest you drive to Anne Hathaway's house and Mary Arden's Farm. Anne Hathaway's house was our favourite house. The gardens were lovely. This was the house Shakespeare's wife grew up in.

This is a great place for a weekend away. Lovely places to walk around!

All the Best!

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