Why are the eggs in England brown? and other differences in our foods....

The eggs here in England are brown because of the breed of chickens they use here. I once heard a rumour that the eggs in the United States were bleached so that people would buy them. It was quite plausible when I read about the reason why Cheddar Cheese is orange.

If you go to a grocery store in England and look at the cheddar cheese, you will find it is not the same as the Kraft cheese we have come to know and love. The reasoning behind the difference based on my research is that the cheddar cheese in the States is dyed. Here is the logic: Cows eat grass and grass produces beta carotene and that ends up in the cheese and causes it to be orange. Later in the year, the cows eat less grass and therefore the colour of the cheese becomes a lighter colour. So cheese producers would dye the cheese so consumers could not determine when the cheese was made. That has now become the standard in the States now. Also unpasteurised cheeses are not allowed in the US, so get you fill while you are here.

In England they are very conscious of the additives and dyes being put into food. If you ever hear about the E numbers, they are thought to cause hyperactivity in children (how many sodas and other fizzy drinks do children in the States drink?).  This is a bit thought provoking but here is a great article to get you thinking about what you are consuming and why?

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I am allergic to milk and soya and this has caused me to become more conscious of what is going into the food we eat. My diet is very limited because of the milk and soya fillers that are placed in processed foods and as a result I have lost 45 pounds since separating from the USAF.

What are you putting into your body?

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