Why get my British citizenship?

I unless I know you personally, the announcement of my British citizenship was a bit of a shock. I had been thinking about seriously since December but wasn't eligible until September last year. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because you never know if these things are going to work out- I have heard horror stories about visas and the like being rejected for making simple mistakes. It actually took 3 weeks from start to finish which was quite shocking!

There are several reasons:

  1. I think I shared with you that if your visa is in an expired passport- it cannot be accepted if you apply for a new job. I had my Indefinite Leave to Remain without an expiration date. You can pay for this to be moved which costs £100 and another £500 for a Biometrics Card because I got my ILR the requirement was in place. So I would have to pay this every 10 years to have it moved when my passport or card expired (each are only good for 10 years). Now I can just show my UK passport.
  2. I can go in line with my husband in the airport without any hassles! I could go with him before because they don't like to split families but I had to make sure that they had a stamp for my passport. Also no more questions about why I have a visa- the last time I pointed at my husband and said it was his fault.
  3. I get to vote! I learned the other day that Commonwealth citizens (Canadians, Indians, etc) are allowed to vote when living here. 
  4. This is the hardest reason. In case I need to renounce. Its not a decision that I will take lightly and do not expect to make for a good 10-15 years. Actually I have cried over this a lot. Unfortunately American expats are currently under what feels like a witchhunt- it has mainly to do with "tax evaders" but our situation overseas is not being considered. I won't bore you with the details at this time as it doesn't apply to most of you, it will be completely over your head as it is mine at the moment. Once I can completely wrap my head around it, I will let you know because if you want to continue to live overseas as an expat- they might be things you want to think about. It is a decision I would rather not make but it might be what is needed for my family because of double taxation (there are only two countries in the world that have a citizenship based tax and not a residence based tax) and other requirements. I am doing my best to campaign as you can see and am hopeful things will change!
But at the end of the day, I will always be American. I won't start speaking the Queen's English. It doesn't mean that I am any less American or don't love my country. There are other reasons but they are not coming to mind at the moment.

But at the moment, I am, as Michelle, says an AmeriBrit, got my dress sorted and the ceremony is next week!

All the Best!

American to Britain


  1. I agree that applying for British citizenship as a US expat is something that requires a lot of thought, but when my time comes, I plan to do what you have done. Congratulations!


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