Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms entrance is located on the Horse Guard Road. The rooms are actually under Westminster which is the centre of decision making for the United Kingdom.

I really liked this because it is another way to get an idea of how much World War 2 really affected England. It is set up as when it was in 1945. the people at this time gave up so much.

I really need to speak to a lady I know who worked at Whitehall during the war.

Furthermore, there is also the Churchill Museum which tells you a bit more about the man that is so famous from this time. It was interesting to me to find out that whilst he was good at the decisions he made during the war, he was actually not a very popular Prime Minister. In fact, one of the displays said some thing to the effect of a leader good at war is not good at peace and vice versa. So following the war, his country chose to vote someone else in to rebuild the country.

You can use your Tescos clubcard points for admission or if you come to London by train, you can get 2 for 1 entry.

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