Cream Teas

Cream teas are what the typical American thinks of when they think of the British and their teas.

It is not really known where the cream tea originated from but Devon and Cornwall are known for their cream teas and each have a specific way for it to be served.

In Devon, the scones are split in half, clotted cream (like whipped cream but thicker) covers each half and strawberry jam is placed on top. There is not any butter on the scone and the teas have milk in them.

In Cornwall, cream teas are served with a sweet white bread roll (known as a Cornish Split) in stead of a scone. The Cornish spread the jam on the roll and then top it with clotted cream.

You are very lucky to be living in this areas as there are a few really good tearooms that you can experience a cream tea. Here are a few:

Or you can go here and make your own cream teas.

All the Best!

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