My husband’s grandmother passed away in 2008.

This made me think of the differences between the customs of funerals between England and the US.

Now I know that different cultures within the States do different things but these are just a few things that are different from where I come from:
  • They do not have a wake at the funeral directors the days before the funeral.
  • They do not have an open casket even if the deceased passed away in a peaceful manner, although I am told the Catholics do here.
  • The casket comes to the house/place where the family members are being picked up and the funeral director walks down the street depending on how far the church is he might walk in front of the cars all the way.
  • Even if you are being cremated, the service has a casket and then proceeds to the crematorium which might have another short service and you will either see the casket be pulled down the conveyor belt or they close the curtains and wait for the family to leave.
I really like that I get a chance to see the different ways we approach sensitive situations like this.

All the Best!

American to Britain