Page 3 Girl

I wanted to let you know, please be careful if you are buying newspapers in England if you have small children or consider yourself prudish.

There are newspapers that have topless women on their 3rd page of the paper. The papers that have this are The Sun, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Star.

Here is some new terminology for you as well. The Kind of models that pose nude or topless are called Glamour Models. They are not to be confused with fashion models, I have made the mistake unknowingly (I bet I offended her too!).

Page 3 girls started in 1970 in The Sun. There has been controversy over these pictures but they still seem to be going strong. When The Sun has its first woman editor, it was thought she would cut the Page 3 girls but she didn’t and many men are happy about it.

My husband will buy The Sun if he is buying a paper. I am not bothered by the pictures, as I don’t see them as raunchy. A lot of girls start as a Page 3 girl to become something big. A good example of this is Katie Price (Jordan). She is very successful and I think that she may catching on in the States.

I guess I should talk about how the British feel about nudity. You will not see many people going topless on the UK beaches. However, once the British leave the island, they will take their tops off even if they don’t have the body for it. I had my first experience when my husband and I went to Kos and nearly all the women were topless.

Their pornography is different as well. You might know this from moving here that you were limited to what you could bring in.

All the Best!

American to Britain