St George's Whisky Distillery

The English Whisky Co. is a great place to visit, whether or not you are a whisky drinker.

It is the first single malt distillery in England and it is located in Norfolk.

They have two different types of tours. Their standard tour which takes you through the distillery and allows you to taste their whiskies, spirits and liqueurs. This tour runs every hour on the hour.

Their monthly World Whisky tour includes the standard tour but then the chief whisky maker takes you through a whisky tasting. If you aren't a whisky drinker before, you might discover you just haven't found one you like.

I am not a whisky drinker but wanted to try the tour and it has opened my eyes to a few that I like.

Whatever tour you choose to do, it is definitely worth the stop!

All the Best!

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