The Green Man

Jon and I cycled from Milton Road to Grantchester which is such a lovely ride along the River Cam. We had a cup of tea at The Orchard which was very busy as always but good!

We then went to the local pub The Green Man. I have to admit anywhere I go I mostly eat burgers and chips, there is a reason for this. I am allergic to milk and soya so its the safest option I have.

This pub was really nice. I am always talking about the lack of character in the local pubs in Cambridge. What I think is missing is the wood beams and fireplaces. They all feel updated and some get them right but others get them wrong.

This pub has character, the staff were great and the food was lovely. I will go back here, if I can get Jon to ride up there with me again. It was a perfect afternoon, a perfect ride, and perfect food.

All the Best!

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