Great Yarmouth

A lot of British people would say that Great Yarmouth is a 'kiss me quickly' place to visit. I didn't know what they were talking about until I got there. I went to Great Yarmouth because I was running my first marathon (4:03:57- not too shabby!)

Greta Yarmouth was first a great place for fishermen as they fished herrings here. Then it was a seaside resort and gained popularity when the Victorians thought bathing in the sea was good for you. It was hit very hard in both WWI and WWII by bombs.

Great Yarmouth has 2 sandy beaches and 2 piers. It has a few rides, miniature golf and arcades too.  I would suggest that if you are looking for a beach with sand, this is nice but I prefer Southwold.

All is not lost if you go to Great Yarmouth though. I visited the Elizabethan House (National Trust) which is where they think that the execution of Charles I was planned.It was a quick visit as it was just before closing but you could definitely spend an hour or two here.

There are also some English Heritage Row Houses. in Great Yarmouth, the houses were in rows where the alleys were no more than 3 feet apart and when people opened the windows to the houses they could hold their neighbors hand. Sadly most of the houses were ruined in the WWII so these two houses are all that is left of the 17th century rows.

If you still decide to go to Great Yarmouth, I highly suggest staying at the Tudor House. The people are lovely, its walking distance from the beach and the town centre.

I was skeptical about some of the eateries there but I do suggest that you have a fish and chips at the seaside. I also suggest eating at The Regent on Regent Street, the food was great!

Some other intresting things about Great Yarmouth:
  • Charles Dickens wrote David Coppefield
  • Ann Sewell, the author of  Black Beauty was born here.
I personally think that there are a lot nice places on the coast to go but for whatever reason the Americans seem to love it when the British think its a bit rundown.

All the Best!

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