Royal Wedding

I thought I would reminisce on the fun I had when the Royal Wedding happened on 29 April 2011, since their one year aniiversary is coming up.

Jane, Michele, Crystal and I went down the day before to be a part of the Royal Wedding. We stayed in a B&B in the Victoria Area called the Surtees. It wasn’t anything special but it suited our purpose.

We went out for a meal and saw a show at the Play house theatre. It was great walking back because you could see all the decorations that were up and the London Eye was even lit up in red, white and blue. Harrods had displays in their windows of wedding cakes. Everything was festive. There were even people camping out in front of Westminster Abbey.

We got up early the next day, had breakfast and went out to stake our place. We ended up sitting right outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Building. We purchased some little stools that would be easy to carry but nice and comfy.

The atmosphere was amazing and I really can’t describe it, everyone was nice to one another and it was just a happy occasion.

We had our husbands calling and updating us when people were leaving so we could be ready with our cameras. All of the cars quickly went to Westminster Abbey so we were not very good at catching them on the way there.

The service was played over the speakers and we bought programmes so that we would know what they were saying. The military set themselves out along the route. Everyone outside of Westminster Abbey even sang the hymns and when Prince William kissed Kate, everyone yelled in joy! They could hear us inside.

Then they went back to Buckingham Palace and once they passed us, we took off to get there as fast as we could but that seemed to be everyone elses plans as well. We just got there and even though they were so far away you could see them for the first time and again everyone cheered!

After that we went to a local pub and had lunch and watch the replay on the TV. We were on our way to go take a look at some other sights and Kate and Will were on their way to a party in Prince Charles car.

I am a royalist, I think most Americans are. My husband just laughs at me.

All the Best!

American to Britain