All Hallow-by-the-Tower

All Hallow-by-the-Tower is a place that you can quickly stop in if you are visiting the Tower of London. This church has strong connections with America. In fact, William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, was baptised and educated here. John Quincy Adams, sixth US President, was married here.

It is the oldest church in the City of London, first built in 657 A.D. Beheaded bodies used to brought here from the Tower of London. It also survived the Great Fire in 1666 but was hit during WWII and the only thing left standing was the tower.

You can go down in the crypt where you can see roman floors uncovered and also there are some plaques from groups in America.

I like this because it reminds you of where America came from. Definitely worth a stop and remembering that at one point in time we were part of the same country.

All the Best!

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