Big Bike Ride

The Big Bike Ride was going to be a challenge and I knew it. This was the first time that Cambridge did an event like this. It was 201.2 km (125 miles). It started off from Jesus Green and went up North to Doddington through Huntingdon  and swung back through St Neots and then back into Cambridge.

The route was well manned with 5 checkpoints along the way with a van sweep the end to catch people in trouble. They had free food and water along the way which I thought was great as most of the rides I have been on only seem to give it out at the end.

I struggles on this ride. My knee started to hurt at mile 40 and I tried to keep going but 25 miles usually takes 1.5 hours but it was up to 2 hours because I was going so slow because I was in so much pain. I did not have any pain killers so when I got to the 100 mile checkpoint at 5 p.m. (I thought I would have been finished by then and probably would have been without the trouble of my knee) I had to admit defeat and call my husband to ask him to pick me up.

I hear that they are going to do this again next year and I would like to give it another go.

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