Blickling Hall

Blicking Hall, a National Trust property, is a great day out in the East Anglian area for children, dogs and history lovers. It is an hours drive from RAF Lakenheath, so try to get there earlier and then you will not be rushed to take it all in.Also pack a lunch! There are facilities there to eat but if you are watching your purse, have your own picnic.

Blicking Hall was the childhood home and birth place of of Anne Boleyn, Henry the VIII's second wife. It is a lovely Jacobean building built in the 17th century.

Another interesting point about this property is that it is rumoured on the anniversary that Anne Boleyn lost her head, her ghost appears carrying the head in her hands.

They also have a display about the people that worked at the hall in the 1930s. It was privatley ocupied until 1939 and then it was handed over to the National Trust and used as an officers mess during World War II.

There are a number of walks around the property which you can take your dog on a lead. I know Dusty was exhausted when we were finished! There is also a playground so the children can burn off their energy.

A great local property for a last minute trip.

All the Best!

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