Who knew there would be such a huge difference between the way university is in England and America. Firstly, college in England is a 2 year school usually attended by students when they are 16-18 years old. Then they go onto university. In America, college and university can be interchangeable.

Rather than going for 4 years, most students attend for 3 years. In Scotland, it is generally 4 years.

The general census is that having a degree is better than not having a degree. Many students apply for university to study in an area that they are interested but do not necessarily want to work in when they have graduated.

Many students do not work while they are attending university but will generally find work during the holidays and summer break.

The students do not have to pay back their loans until they leave school and are earning more than £15,000 per year.

Due to the recession, the Government is cutting back the amount of money provided to the universities and so they are allowing the universities to charge more for the education that they provide but they must apply to be able to charge the highest amount. There was once a time that you could go to university for free but had to find a way to pay for your living expenses.

Most students do not work during their time at university except for during the breaks. I thought this was interesting as I worked while I was going to school.

Many of the arguments are because it is assumed that the poorest students will be put off attending university. But they do not have to pay for their loan until they graduate. Recently it has been decided that the Universities can raise their tuition fees. It is not as common here for parents to save money to put their children through school as it is in the USA.

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American to Britain