Using local butchers

With the breaking news in 2013 about horse meat being found in the meat sold by Tescos and other large grocery stores, it brought something to my attention that I think a lot of people are also thinking about, what do we really know about our food. I have become more interested in my food since I got out of the military and found out about that I am allergic to milk and soya so that leaves me with a lot of food that I that I am unable to eat.

We have a butchers around the corner from where I live, I have been going there for most of the meat that we eat, it is not much more expensive, but I know its fresh and I can ask the butcher where he got it from, you can't do that at Tescos and any other supermarkets. One other place that I will get my meat from is the Co-operative, they are the lesser of the evil big chains and they push fairtrade, organic and local foods.

This is another point that I think that is that we should support local farmers where ever we are. A lot of farmers here and America are losing their farms because they cannot compete with farms overseas in places like Thailand and we are losing the quality of food in favour for mass production.

Rant over...

So I recommend that you start giving yours a go, any meat is better than the stuff you can get on base. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will have seen my rant about the chemicals in American food.

One butchers you should go to is Powters in Newmarket for their Newmarket sausages, Jane is crazy about them!

All the Best!

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