Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

I always wanted to go to the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival but never got around to getting there until last year. It is one of the best art festivals in the UK and if you buy the season ticket like I did, it makes it more cost effective. I bought two of the season tickets which allowed me to go to 3 plays, each costing £37 and one ticket costing £15 so it saved me £8 in the end. I went with my husband to one, and took some friends to the others. 

This is outdoors so you can bring a blanket and a picnic. It does go on if it rains! There are also some seats but you will have to get there early to ensure that you get one!

I really like it, it makes going to see things like this affordable. I like going to the theatre and I like that these are in the gardens of the colleges in Cambridge.

I think this may be an annual thing for me!

All the Best!

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