Centre Parcs

Looking for a place to go for holiday that has something for everyone? Centre Parcs might be your answer. You can go Monday- Friday or Friday to Sunday. The closest one in the local area is in Thetford Forest. You can rent out room in their hotel or a villa. They have all sorts of activities so you will not need to leave the park for the time that you are there. The swimming pool is the only thing that is free. They have activities for children such as swimming, bowling, zip line, biking and much more!

They have Starbucks, Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia and a Sports Cafe to eat. There is also a spa that I can highly recommend. I got a relaxing Swedish Massage when we went to visit my in-laws whilst they were staying here. You can have visitors but you have to arrange ahead of time when they will be coming. You can also bring your dogs here but check out the terms before you pack your pooch into the car.

So treat your family and head to Centre Parcs!

All the Best!

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