Tipping is a topic that comes up often. When do you tip? It can be quite confusing, but one thing you should know is that tipping is not very big in England and the rest of Europe. So you can look at it as saving you money :)

Hopefully this will help you out a bit:

You tip:
  • In a restaurant, if there isn't a service charge added to your bill. You can still tip if you would like but it is not expected.
  • In a taxi or hairdressers, 10% or to the nearest pound.
  • In hotels, only if the chambermaids have done something extra for you.
  • A guide or coach driver, £1-2 per person at the end of tour.
You don't tip:
  • If a service charge has been added to your bill.
  • In a pub, when buying food or drinks. 
  • Any time you wouldn't tip in the USA.
Happy Tipping!

All the Best!

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