Chariots of Fire

Ever since I heard about Chariots of Fire, I wanted to take part but never could find enough people who were also committed to doing it so when someone at work asked me to join them, I only hesitated long enough to see if I had anything scheduled for that day.

 It is 1.7 mile relay which each team does 6 laps that go through the city centre and through some of the colleges.

I was really excited about participating in this event. After being in the military, I know that this is a great way to get to know your colleagues and feel like a team. I was also presently surprised that Jon was going to come down and cheer me on.

I thought that the organisation was great. It felt like a village event even though Cambridge is a large city. I have never taken part in a relay before but really liked how this was setup because you could cheer the people taking off and the people coming back. It was also great because I saw a few other people I knew.

If you are looking for a team feeling kind of event, this is it!

All the Best!

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