Highclare Castle

If you are Downtown Abbey fan, you will know this property. Otherwise if you are a horseracing fan, you may know that the Earl of Highclere Castle's sister is married to John Warren, the Queen's racing manager.

Highclere Castle is only open for 60-70 days a year for visitors, 2 weeks over Easter, the May Bank Holidays, two months over the summer and a few in December. It is best to buy your tickets online ahead of time to ensure you are able to get in. They say that before Downtown Abbey they used to get 100 people a day and now they get 1200! If you are unable to get tickets online (they sell very quickly so best to follow their FB page), they have told me that the two times you should come to try to get tickets are at 09:30 and 14:30 although 14:30 is the best time.

You are unable to take pictures on the inside of the castle but I think it makes the visit much better as there is so much to take in.

It was built in 1842 by Sir Charles Barry who also designed the Houses of Parliament. You can definitely see the similarities.

There is also an Egyptian Exhibition which you must pay to see separately. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon and Howard Carter are the ones that discovered the tomb of of Tutankhamen in 1922.

You could definitely spend a half a day here wandering the grounds.

If you are a National Trust member, I also suggest going to Sandham Memorial Chapel which is nearby.

Some of my pictures are here.

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  1. Hey Kim, Love your blog! Read it daily. ...Just for clarification it's the Earl's sister, Lady Warren who is married to John Warren, not the Earl's daughter. I was thinking Geordie's daughter was too young for the elder Warren so just had to google that to make sure. :)

  2. Hi Kim, Love your blog! Read it daily. Just for clarification, it's the Earl's sister, not daughter who is married to John Warren. I was trying to figure out how the Earl's young daughter was married to the elder John Warren so had to google that to just make sure. Lady Warren is Geordie's sister. :)

  3. thanks for keeping me honest! I have made the correction. I got all mixed up. My friend knows her through the horse racing in Newmarket. Her children went to pony club with Lady Warren's.


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