Burwash Manor

I have heard about Burwash Manor for a while but was not sure what it was. So when I had some time on a Saturday, I thought I would pop in to check out what it is all about.

Burwash Manor is a collection of buildings where they have many of your favourite local shops, Cuckoo and Providence such as  that can be seen in Cambridge. There is also a grocery shop (including butchers), florist, tearoom and a spa.

They also have some nature walks as well, so you could go for a walk around the estate and relax at the tearoom, it would be the perfect day out!

They also have a new shop, Backstitch, which has all of your sewing needs. The prints of the Cath Kidston feel and the prices seemed very reasonable, pity I was not out looking to work on a craft at the moment with the impending house move.

Looking for a nice but slow day, stop here.

All the Best!

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