Kew Palace and Gardens

Jane and I went to Kew Palace because it was one of the properties included in the Historic Royal Palaces membership. I found this property very interesting because it was the place where George III (the one who lost America) was taken from the public eye because he was suffering from what they now think was bipolar disorder. It is a simple house which gives you a window to what life is like away from the pomp and circumstance. This house would not have been a place where they would have hosted many guests as it was more of a retreat.

In order to get to the palace you must go through Kew Gardens and as of March 2013, those that purchase a ticket to get into the gardens get automatically can go into the Palace. I recommend you looking up vouchers to save you money to get in as an adult costs £16.

Kew Gardens is a great place to spend the day. Bring a picnic and let the children run wild! There are a few greenhouses which include the largest indoor plant in the world and one of the rarest plants. There is so much to do here that I think it worth spending the entire day here.

All the Best!

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