I have to admit that I was surprised when I started noticing how superstitious the British are. I think this came about when I was planning our wedding.

Here are few other ones that have crept up over time:
  • Do not put new shoes on a table because it means someone will die soon. This is because they used to buy new shoes when someone passed away to prepared them for their journey.
  • When you buy a pram (stroller) for an unborn baby, it is unlucky to bring in the house before the baby is born.
  • Touch wood. Same as knock on wood.
  • Groom cannot see the bride in her wedding dress before they are married.
  • Magpies on their own are thought to be unlucky. There is a rhyme about magpie “One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told”. In some parts of England, they believe you should wave or take off your hat.
All the Best!

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