Whittlebury Spa

I spent the day at the spa with my friend Laura for her 30th birthday. We went up to The Day Spa at Whittlebury Hall. It was about 1.5 hours drive from my house in Cambridge. I had never been there before but Laura had been there for a work do.

The Whittlesbury Hall is a purpose built spa place. You can stay overnight and they also golfing so perfect for a couple with different interests!

We each paid £99 for our day there which included: Two Course Buffet Lunch, full use of the Heat & Ice Experiences (hot tubs and saunas) and Leisure Club and we each had two 50 minute treatments (you choose from a selection). There were rooms that you could rest in on sun loungers, the whispering room with waterbeds and quiet area to read and a cafe to chat with your friends.

You are given a time to arrive and they will tell you when your treatments and lunch is scheduled for. You will be given a wristband for you locker where you will find your robe. I really liked this because only women could get into the ladies changing room and you knew your things were secure.

We spent time wandering all of the room and testing them out. We never got a chance to try out the swimming pool in the leisure centre bit but we would have also been able to workout if we wanted to or taken a fitness class (you have to pay more for that).

The food was served as a buffet and they were willing to make me something not on the buffet to accommodate my allergies. I made Laura a cake and they brought it out and even sang her "Happy Birthday!" So that was really nice of them!

My foot is on the right in sandals I wore in Laura's wedding :)
We also got pedicures (not included). You can book additional treatments on the day or beforehand. They were very professional and we were very happy with the results!

So initially when you think about all that you get for £99, it is quite a bargain. I love the Aqua Sauna at Centre Parcs but you pay £69 for access to their rooms and lunch but it does not include any treatments, it is worth the drive and the money to go to Whittlebury Hall for special occasion such as an anniversary (yes men can go too), hen night or a big birthday!

At the end of the day we were so relaxed we were not sure we should drive home :)

All the Best!

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