I thought I would address the differences that the British treat their cats than Americans do. For starters, they generally allow their cats come and go as they please. It is normal to see cats out and about. This seems to shock many Americans and they take them in thinking that the cats are lost. I allow my cat, Ruddles, to come and go, I think I would not like to have a cat that is all locked up. I am sure that Ruddles would go crazy and he would be fat so win-win, I have a skinny and semi-sane cat. He doesn't have a collar either because he has lost it too many times. He did get turned in at my vet as a lost cat and we brought him home and he was out and about again. I know people think that they are doing the right thing but unless the cat is a bag of bones or injured, it is best to leave the cat be, it may be that your house is on its route. If they are lost, take them to the vet to have their microchip scanned and then returned to their owner.

Cats are free to roam under the Animal Act of 1971 and cannot trespass so the owner is not liable for what they do outside of their property.There was a great study conducted about the movements of cats on BBC2 that followed the movements of cats in a village here.

Another issue came about in response to my intentions of spreading the word, a woman suggested how can you control your cat and be responsible for your cat if you do not keep it close to you. Her concern was if a cat attacked her child. First, I do not suggest anyone pet any animal that is not known to them or without permission of their owner. If their owner is not around, then keep going. Ruddles is the kind of cat who likes attention but to a point and has turned on someone passing by who stopped to pet him (Ruddles doesn't even let me pet him in the street). Second, there are things you can do to discourage them from coming into your yard. Things that keep them away are prickly bushes, orange, peppermint and eucalyptus scents and there are electronic deterrents away. Third, attacking a cat is not an appropriate action. It is against the Protection of Animal Act 1911 and Animal Welfare Act 2005 to attack an animal. This includes beating, kicking, ill-treating, torturing, infuriating, terrifying, or poisoning an animal. I would suggest that you teach your children to leave animals alone.

It is just the culture here to let your cat out so it will be something you will have to get used to while you are here.

All the Best!

American to Britain