Saving money on days out

I love to get out and about but it can get expensive. Here are ways that I save money on my outings:

  1. Become a member. If you are going to going to sights become a member. I recommend doing English Heritage one year and National Trust another. They have different types of sights so they are worth it. Also you get free parking at their locations. Another one that is worthwhile it the Historic Royal Palace Membership. You get into Tower of London ,Hampton Court Palace, Banqueting House, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace.
  2. Take advantage of Heritage Open Days. These are every September and sometimes you get to see things that are not open all of the time. They are also free!
  3. In Cambridge, there is a Bridge The Gap walk. This is a great way to view the colleges as you get into over 10 for a round £15!
  4. Also if you live within 12 miles of the St Mary's Church, you can get into Kings College for £10 for 3 years! You just have to get a resident's card.
  5. Go to local events. I love to go when there is a local festival. You don't have to buy anything but I just like to have a wander. Signup to receive my monthly email of what is going on!
  6. Bring a picnic. I usually pack something to eat while I am out and about. Also bring a water bottle, there is always somewhere to fill up. You can even bring food in to the cinema as long as it is not hot.
  7. Remember when I said collect your Tescos Club Card  and Nectar points and not use them on food? You get a better value if you use them for days out. I always try to see where we can go on a voucher. 
  8. Many museums are free and really good ideas for rainy days!
  9. Go for walks, there are so many footpaths, look one up and get out there!

All the Best!

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