Saving money on Groceries

I will not try to replace what The Budget Loving Military Family covers because she is clearly an expert. But I do shop here in the local shops and eat here so I am my own little expert.

I watched Extreme Couponing recently and one thing is for sure is that it won't work over here. Stores would never pay you for shopping, they do not allow you to bring coupons from other stores and they do not do double couponing. It just seems like to me that the things that have coupons are highly processed and are junk food. However there are ways to save:

  1. Use Mysupermarket when shopping online at the local grocery stores. It compares your cart with what it costs at all the major grocery stores and also suggests ways to save. It then sends you to checkout through that store's website. Has saved me quite a bit. You can still use your coupons if you have them. Also get the membership cards, you get deals and rack up points BUT do not use the points on food use them for other things.
  2. Vegetables, fruit and bread are almost always fresher offbase. Shopping at the markets is cheaper but not everyone has time for that. Only buying what you need really cuts down on costs. That is why I like my small fridge, I really can't over do it.
  3. I buy vegetables in bulk like, onions, garlic, carrots, peppers and mushrooms and use my food processor to chop all of them and divide them up into containers and freeze. It saves you having to do every time you cook. You can cook straight from frozen and it uses them up. I am really bad at allowing these items go bad so this has helped me cut down on my waste.
  4.  Look at what you are wasting. I started making meal plans in my google calendar. That way I can buy what I need for the week and have variety.
  5. I only do one big shop every month or every other month. Then I get the things that I need from the Co-op or other little store. The less I am in store the less things I buy that we don't need. I also tie this in with if they are giving a coupon on petrol for spending a certain amount.
  6. I do a pantry challenge once a month to get rid of those lingering items because you should think of the food in your pantry as money sitting there.
  7. I buy my meat at the butchers. The prices are comparable and the quality is higher than you will get at the grocery store.
  8. Eat less processed food. "Cooking from scratch" like the perfect moms like to say that they do, does not take as much time as you think. I have a food allergy to milk and soya so I have to avoid a lot of processed food because it is in everything. If you care about the preservatives that are in your food, you should shop offbase, the US allows chemicals in their foods that are not allowed in the UK.
  9. I have made an attempt to do the 30 day cook in one day- see I told you I was American and I do have some American tendencies! It did not work because our freezer is not big enough. But it allowed me to make 6-8 meals that I pull out over the month. 
  10. Buy in bulk. I like to buy my spice in bulk from The Daily Bread  in Cambridge. It really spreads out the cost especially when my husband likes to add chili flakes to everything.
  11. Forage! There are times in the year that you can get free food! I have my freezer stocked with pears and apples given to me by my neighbors that I chopped and forzen. This weekend I made apple cinnamon muffins to freeze and take with me to work.
  12. Finally, DO NOT BUY BOTTLED WATER EVER! Not only is it ridiculously priced, it is harmful for the environment and the water here is perfectly fine. In fact in many area in the UK they do not add flouride because it is a natural occurring item. Just bring a water bottle with you and fill it up when you can. The only taps that you cannot fill from will have a sign saying that you cannot drink from it.
All the Best!

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